Wednesday, 24 March 2010

meet a boy.

There was a boy. There was a Martian. They became friends.

The Way Back Home comes from Oliver Jeffers, the same author who wrote The Incredible Book Eating Boy (a previous blog post). Funny I didn't notice that until after I got home and looked inside the book.

I do love an author and an illustrator tied into one. I would love to be able to illustrate my own children's book but at the moment I can only create the words. Illustrating is a lot harder than it looks. Maybe I can do a collaboration some day.

What a darling little story this really is. A boy finds a plane in his cupboard and ends up landing on the moon after running out of petrol. He meets a Martian who also lands on the moon after his space ship engine breaks. It really is comical. They help each other out and the story unfolds..

A good story to use with children to problem solve. How will the boy and Martian fix their dilemmas? Can they help each other, how? Children can come up with the most imaginative and often unthinkable solutions!

Don't you just love the illustration?

There is something about the fine detail and the colours in these images that make them really stand out.


  1. I think you should definitely look into finding an amazing illustrator to put with your words, I think you'd be good at it sweets. Also, how cute is that little guy in the last image stretching? HA! And those pencil legs. Adorable.

  2. Yes, the illustrations are fantastic. I like to think the authors throw that bit in there for the parents to enjoy :)