Monday, 8 March 2010

give them everything there is.

Today I went to see the MA Children's Illustration Exhibition at Anglia Ruskin in Cambridge. I was impressed with the variety of illustrations and it really showed me how much different work was out there. I loved reading all the background stories. One individual used to doodle on chip paper from her Dad's chip shop, another individual would doodle in the margins of her law work papers.

I do want to pull up on one illustrator in particular. All illustrators deserve recognition, but Ann Ruozhu Sun's illustrations were particularly appealing to me. The following pictures are from her blog site which can be found here

What I love about these illustrations is the detail. One theme, but so much exploration. There are many colours, but the illustrations remain clear and easily depicted. It almost appears as though every inch of the illustration has been drawn separately and then placed together.

Children could use this sort of illustration as a stimulus. Depending on the specific topic, children could draw one picture in detail. The picture expresses almost everything you need to know about that one occurrence. I can see children doing a rainforest - a good opportunity for many colours.

Children are absolutely fascinated by picture books and illustrations - why not give them everything there is to see?

They will look for hours.

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