Wednesday, 25 November 2009

Just had to mention this book. Beautiful Doodles by Nellie Ryan. It was suggested to me through a friend. It epitomizes my reasons for wanting to teach. It is full of beautiful black lined and dotted drawings for children to complete. For example there is a lady holding several leads and the child fills in what he/she wants the dogs to look like. This type of idea.
I think this book is a little feminine based, but there are some great ideas for young boys too. I think it would be targeted at ages 6-8, but made for any age that would enjoy them!

It gives children a starting point and guideline from this, but allows them to finish the picture in whichever way they please. It encourages creativity and ownership, and they can be used during a lesson or simply for golden time and enjoyment!

Nellie Ryan also published Fabulous Doodles, and there are alternative doodle books created by other authors/illustrators. Some targeted at girls and some at boys, so you have the selection to choose from.

A really lovely collection.

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