Monday, 14 December 2009

Anita Jeram

I just LOVE the illustrations by Anita Jeram.

Her illustrations are included in books - 'Guess How Much I Love You' and 'You're All My Favourites' both written by Sam McBratney.

I first noticed her illustrations on her greeting cards that were selling in my favourite store. I love them because of their precision and simplicity. They are really lovely. Anita's drawings of animals (often rabbits) are presented (usually) with a light humoured phrase. The cards appear to be child-like in terms of their subject, but are sophisticated with regards to their wit. The drawings appear as sketches with a soft colour dabbed in certain places. The outline of what she is drawing really stands out beautifully. They are just perfect and every time I see one of her cards I just think "I want!!"

You can see more of Anita's story at:

And one for Christmas..

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