Saturday, 7 November 2009


I will start with Window by Jeannie Baker. This is one of my FAVOURITE picture books. I first discovered this book in a geography lesson and I think this book is perfect for teaching children about the environment.
The book is made up of 13 beautiful images of a window. In the first image a mother stands with her baby looking out of the window. She sees nature at its finest. The book progresses to show the baby growing up, and each window shows the ever changing effects of industrialization on the environment. The changes from one picture to the next seem only minor, until you reach the end of the book and discover how much has changed from the first image. Jeannie Baker uses this book to demonstrate exactly that; that our environment is changing from one day to the next but that it is hard to see that in terms of the 'big picture.'
The book is fascinating and has great attention to detail. The pictures work as pieces of art/collages and I for one could study them for hours (if only I had the time!) In fact Jeannie Baker has her picture books exhibited.
Her book can be used as a fantastic stimulus for teaching. You can ask the children what has changed from one picture to the next and why they think this is. It really is the most amazing book, and appeals to both children and adults. This also sends out the message that we all collectively need to look after our environment.

Towards the end of the book

Middle of the book

Where the book begins

Cover of book

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