Friday, 28 May 2010

pick me! pick me! pick me!

Why do magazine make us content? Most of the time we skim through and hardly read the text anyway. Yet, there is something about holding a magazine. It's pleasing, makes you feel good.

Maybe it's the texture, the glossy/matt pages, or even that 'magazine smell' (which I must say I love) Perhaps it's the pricey cost that makes you feel like you have really gone and treated yourself? Or maybe it's the time we choose to buy a magazine? I often buy a magazine when I know I have the time to really relax and read it (and we know those times are rare!) An evening when I can curl up in my pyjamas and enjoy it with a hot drink. Or often I will read a magazine on a journey, which I think goes for most of us.

There are many different types of magazine readers. You've got the general 'pick ups' who will buy a magazine or two to fill in the time, often when traveling. You've got the adorable magazine nerds who just can't get enough of their one passion (gardening, fashion, motorbikes, you name it) and who will without a doubt HAVE A SUBSCRIPTION. Let's not forget the 'magazine exhibitionists' who just think it looks good to have a magazine alongside their Starbucks coffee.

I got a parcel from a close friend this week. Inside was Real Simple. I find the magazine really enjoyable to read, because it covers all areas - fashion, health, home, life, money, food. It's an extra special treat for me, because I can't get this magazine here in the UK. I've been saving it all week. I'm looking forward to a long and lazy lie in tomorrow, waking up to a cup of tea and Real Simple.

What type of magazine reader are you?


  1. I love Real Simple. I like magazines that make me feel good - not really the gossip mags or Glamour, etc. Real Simple, Body + Soul, and Yoga Journal are my faves. =)

  2. I loved the last issue of ELLE in the UK. The cover was a beautiful mauve, and though it had Kylie in a hammock it was the cherry blossom and the mauve background that caught my eye. That, and the fact that it was the only one not covered in plastic and offering freebies that nobody wants.

    Have a fab weekend !

  3. I love Real Simple! It's clean with real life solutions. I love it!