Sunday, 7 February 2010

Daley B

I hesitate when posting about this special book. It's a childhood favourite and I almost feel as if it is too much of a secret to share. I love this book mostly because of what it means to me. Like many material things in life, you create associations. Simply from getting a glimpse of this book I feel so happy.

Daley B created by Jon Blake is, well yes, a rabbit. Gotta love them. Yet Daley B does not know himself that he is a rabbit. Daley B is discovering what he is, where he should live, and what he should eat. He tests out different possibilities, bringing light humour to the story.

If this book was used to educate, it could be used as a stimulus to introduce animal habitat and survival. Young children are fascinated by animals, where they live and what they do.

One of my all time favourite parts of this book is when Daley B is trying to discover why his feet are so big.

"Are they for water-skiing?" he said.
"Are they for the mice to sit on?"
"Are they to keep the rain off?"

These big feet come in handy at the end of the story. Ah, I just love how it unfolds. Daley B is so naive and lovable. The drawings created by Axel Scheffler, bring this to life.

What a little childhood treat.

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